Gaijin Unplugged

Veteran Electrofreak. … Ex performing musician, so I will post noisy stuff now and then!

Cyberpunk Samurai and Urban Junkie. … I Just love stooging around in the back streets of big cities. And when I’m not I like to reflect on the human condition and how we can make a better effort at survival.

I follow the path of Bushido which is the Samurai Code and basically Shinto based. I pursue this path by the practice of Budo, or the Way of War. This is a martial art in the loose sense of that description, but more specifically it is the study of tactics and strategy through the practice of sword form and following the warrior code in lifestyle and attitude.

Ex Aikido instructor. There will be posts related to Aikibudo and Aikido in general.

What keeps the wolf from the door though is my design practice. I tend to specialise in residential renovation and alteration work with the odd new home chucked in here and there.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” – Carl Jung.

The long version is here ~ Being Gaijin